January 2016
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About ChaiWire

Casting a lens on South Palm Beach County’s vibrant Jewish community, ChaiWire, a Jewish Community E-magazine, features trends, programs, people, culture, education and more – about and for the diverse Jewish residents of Greater Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach.

With highly visible links to events, agencies, schools, synagogues and more, ChaiWire also makes it easy to connect with what you’re looking for as you learn more about our Jewish community.

Beginning in November 2015, ChaiWire is published monthly during the fall, winter and spring seasons.

Focused on the Jewish community, ChaiWire is produced by the Marketing/Communications team at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.

Contact us at: editor@chai-wire.org | 561.852.3278

Editorial Board:

Matthew C. Levin
Marla Weiss Egers
Janet Izaak
Andrew M. Rose
Andrea Schuver
Yaffi Spodek


Andrea Schuver, Executive Editor
Yaffi Spodek, Staff Writer
Paul Kranowitz, Web & Multimedia Manager
Laura Kokus, Photo Editor
Shanna Vinig, Design Director